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Achieve Balance in a Chaotic World! 

Find Harmony through Yoga 



Come join us at Taureni!

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Meet  Tatjana 

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Hi! I'm Tatjana Taurena, and my life has been a fascinating journey filled with enriching experiences and discoveries.

I’m absolutely certain that life is an endlessly fascinating journey forward, so I keep on learning - from foreign languages and business administration to marketing and yoga.


My passion has always been to share positive emotions with others and to bring people with similar interests together, so I have always used my skills to organise events. And my extensive knowledge of languages allows me to better understand people's mindsets and find the words to speak to them in a way that motivates and stimulates to take actions. It gives me satisfaction to see how my support and motivation has helped people to become more successful and happy.


Why did I choose to embark on the path of yoga? It's quite simple: in our active daily lives, we often yearn for a respite, a chance to slow down and truly relax. Moreover, yoga is a pathway to create a better version of ourselves to become more happy. Each of us is looking for harmony and yoga offers practical tools to move towards to it.


Together, let us embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the profound benefits that yoga bestows upon us, allowing us to revel in the multitude of colors that life has to offer.

Taureni Banya


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