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Motivation and Success

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Positive thinking

A positive attitude and self-confidence are key factors for success in a any project and in life in general. Whatever we take on with faith and passion, it works. And at the same time, uncertainty slows down even the most promising ideas. Think and act!


Yoga is present in everything in our life. This is sports, and health, and flexibility, and a state of mind...


Banya is a wonderful way to heal and develop your body, mind and spirit. It helps everything in your life to flourish.

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Healthy Food

Eating well and mindfully is essential. It is not for nothing that they say we are what we eat. Choosing foods, meals and portions according to preferences and needs is the key to ease and health.

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Pleasant Surrounding

Everything that surrounds us influences us and determines our life. Beauty around and people who share similar views and values ​​help and develop u.

A woman's life is very multifaceted. It consists of many cares and responsibilities. At the same time, mood, health and family atmosphere depend on her.

In order to cope with all this and stay in harmony, it is necessary for a woman not to forget about herself.

After all, even in an airplane they teach you how to use an oxygen mask - first put it on yourself, and then help others. In any other order there will be no success and disaster is possible.

It is the same in everyday life - first you must learn to rest, recover and take care of yourself, and then of your loved ones.

It is much more effective not to fight with consequences in the future, but to think of yourself in advance, taking small steps every day.

This includes a positive attitude, physical activity, health promotion, detox, balanced nutrition, pleasant surroundings, and mindfulness - these are all Her Healthy Habits!


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