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Program of the event

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Positive lifestyle platform 

Her Healthy Habits in collaboration with ....

invites you to the event



You will have the opportunity to participate in: 

- Practical yoga and pilates classes, where you will try out different styles of workouts under the guidance of different trainers.

- Learn how to motivate yourself to exercise regularly and develop a positive attitude, get practical tips based on personal experience on the road to a healthier lifestyle and much more.

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Will you join us?
Will you find time for yourself?

Language: RU

Taureni Banya


Cost: €75

We believe that every woman needs time for herself!

It is a time to become happier, healthier, more beautiful and not lose your smile.


Physical activity;
the ability to balance entertainment with a healthy lifestyle;
meeting other women to have a good time;
sharing of experiences and mutual support

​there are components that help each of us not only to regularly move towards achievements, but also to stay inspired and feel good.​


It is surprising, but it is possible to combine all components by going to group yoga or other classes in the company of a trainer you like and other like-minded women!


Often we don't know what workouts we like and are suitable if we don't compare them and talk to trainers.

Trying workouts at multiple locations is difficult and trainers are often not available to talk to. Therefore, we offer to try different trainings within one event, exercising or watching.

As well as time for conversations with the coaches.​


An important bonus! The special added value of this event is the master classes of various professionals, in which you will get practical recommendations on how to stay motivated on the way to an even better version of yourself; new ideas; inspiration and perhaps even new discoveries in its own right.


In addition, you will not only get to know the coaches, exchange opinions with lecturers and other visitors to the event, but also a huge dose of positive energy.


It is your choice to attend individual program activities or participate in them throughout the day. Organizers, trainers and lecturers will be happy to meet and get to know you.


An interesting day awaits you, which you can dedicate only to yourself!

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The number of places is limited. Secure your place now!

1. Reserve your place by filling out the registration form or registering by phone.

2. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

3. Before the event, you will receive a reminder of the registered phone number.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Tatjana 26476633

We recommend taking with you:

-comfortable clothes,

-yoga mat,


-and a good mood!

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The entrance fee to the event is equal to the price of only one hour long individual training, but it guarantees participation in all trainings and master classes, includes a lot of valuable experience and information.

Entrance fee per person 75 EUR


Together is better! Come with girlfriends - entrance fee for group bookings

65 EUR per person.


Don't delay, plan ahead!

The price will increase in the week before the event.

Price from ...

90 EUR per person.

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Registration Form

Thank you for registration! Please make a payment as well


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Please indicate the name(s) and surname(s) of the participant(s) in the payment order

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